Thursday, August 18, 2016

must-have Rayban shades

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Everyone knows that Rayban has been a very popular brand for its stylish sunglasses. Women are seen flaunting it everywhere they go with anything they have on. The sunglasses from the Rayban brand are designed from the latest trends and never fail to impress us with its collection. Sunglasses definitely are a favourite accessory for us as it helps give a nice enhancement to our look without much effort. Have you have your own Rayban shades yet? Take a look at the must-have Rayban shades that you should definitely add into your fashion wish list. Pick your favourite shades and style it with pride everywhere you go.

 1.    Classic Black

This is the popular choices which every woman loves as it hides away those terrible eyebags and gives you that chic look. The black sunglasses from Rayban give a woman that mysterious vibe and are sexy in its own way. Wear it with anything you have on such as a simple tee and it will look amazing on you. Strut down the streets looking gorgeously chic with your stylish Rayban shades.

2.    Gradient Look

For the ladies who want that peekaboo effect, the gradient Rayban sunglasses will be the perfect choice. The brown gradient shades seems to be a very popular accessory as it has that simple yet trendy touch to a person’s appearance. Others can still have a glimpse of your eyes and the shades definitely give that great fashionable look.

3.    Mirrored Design

If you prefer for a more daring appearance, the mirrored Rayban shade designs absolutely is to die for. It gives off that sophisticated yet brave bold look and you will feel that extra boost of confidence. Everybody will definitely stare into your direction as it draws focus to your face. 

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    1. hehehe.. thank you. go to zalora website to purchase ;)

  2. Serius koleksi rayban semua cecantik!
    terasa extra-kacak bila pakai rayban ni. Hihihi cukup la ada satu koleksi. (^^,) best2.

  3. nice share.. nk kna pi cari nih.. untuk laki plak..? hehehe

    1. hehehe ade, buleh pi cari lepaih ni. unisex dua-dua buleh pakai ;)

  4. the gradient & mirrored its really good, I love it :3


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